global innovation & Leadership Center (GILC) presents

International Leadership Program on Education v2.0

The main Idea

Welcoming you all to the First Ever Online National English Leadership Program in Bangladesh. The main goal of the International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) is to provide students and enthusiasts to test their English language competencies coupled with the skills which make them leaders of the modern era. The skills, which are now deemed as the the most important to become a leader are public speaking, problem solving, critical thinking, contingency planning, policy making, and presentation skills. And GILC realized that it is high time they created such a way to help participants test their skills in both English and leadership. Having proficiency in English and having the tools to become a leader are the things which help us flourish in this age of globalization amd conquer the world. And that’s why, we think this program will provide you with a platform to shine!
Also the program will feature a round of workshops, related to topics and skills which you never have gained or not covered by anyone in the country ever. Those skills or terms will help you explore different horizons of opportunities.

The Assessment Rounds

About the program specifics, you will go through three rounds of assessments. And if you qualify for round one, only then can you take part in round two. That’s the drill.

Round 1
Preliminary Round & Workshop

Round 2
Intensive Round

Round 3
The Finale

Categories of Participants


Classes 3-5


Classes 6-8

Advanced Learners

Classes 9-10


Classes 11-12

Opportunities for Students

There will be Champions and Runners-Up in each of the 4 categories mentioned above. So, a total of 12 awards.

As Winners:

The 12 winners of ILPE V2.0 will form team Bangladesh and will represent the country in International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership (IOELL) which will take place on December, 2020.

The 12 winners will also be recommended to take part in the Youth Language & Leadership Academy (YLLA) Exchange Program of the Appalachian State University (U.S.A) with scholarships* (*Conditions Applied)

The 12 winners will be invited to accompany team Bangladesh of ILPE V3.0, which will take place in 2021, and will travel with the team to the international venue of IOELL 2021 and participate as an audience. Mentionable, the participant has to bear the costs on their own in this case.

The 12 winners will be provided with scholarships and waivers in the upcoming national and international workshops, seminars, conferences, programs offered by GILC and GEIST International Foundation.

International Recognition Certificates and Awards.

As Participants:

An international Participation E-Certificate.

Workshops which will improve and enhance you.

Event Infographics

Moments from ILPE V1.0


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