Do You Know Enough About Novel Corona Virus? Check for Yourself!

It is an initiative taken by Global Innovation & Leadership Center along with GEIST International Foundation to inspire the people to be well conversant and knowledgeable about the various facts of the novel corona virus and also raise awareness among the common mass about the various methods to combat the virus.

Mentionable, the participants of the quiz who will make at least 16 of the following questions correct will get an e-certificate under their name.

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Which of the following terms is used to generally express novel corona virus worldwide?

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If you see your closed one suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned below, you should take him/her straight to the hospital.

i) Shortness of Breath
ii) Fever
iii) Hypothermia
iv) Nausea

Which of the above are correct?

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Which safety measure is the key to alleviating the number of cases in corona virus worldwide?

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What should the doctors and their assistants use in order to treat patients or cases of corona virus?

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Why is self isolation necessary to deal with SARS-CoV-2?

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How many meters should be the distance kept between individuals while having a conversation to avoid the spread of the corona virus?

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Is corona virus zoonotic?

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What kind of disease is occurring due to corona virus?

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How can you stop the spreading of droplets from your sneeze or cough to reach another person?

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Corona virus is highly related to-

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Healthy persons ought to wear masks. Do you think this statement is correct?

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Has a vaccine been developed till now which can effectively work against corona virus?

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Tips to safeguard ourselves from the outbreak of corona virus may include-

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We should wash our hands for _____ seconds to combat the spread of corona virus.

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What is the alcohol percentage of hand sanitizers which have greater chance of removing virus from hands?

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How can we differentiate whether an individual is affected by corona virus or a normal flu?

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What steps should you take to maintain hygiene in your house to tackle the spread of corona virus?

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What is the incubation period of novel corona virus i.e. how many days do corona visu take to show symptoms?

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Which animal is thought to be the natural host of the novel corona virus?

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Who are the people below have a high chance of facing dire consequences, if they are infected by corona virus?

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