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GILC works under a framework which tries to harp on the current bothering issues and come up with a solution. If the present problematic factors are seen from Bangladesh perspective, it can be easily concluded that it is the job for the youth who are now the majority population in the country to reshape the future of the nation by fighting valiantly against all the factors. And GILC tries to target these youths and provide them a guideline to work for the overall betterment and emancipation of the nation. The youths are the future policymakers, administrators, judiciary holders, political spearheads, professionals, business magnets, educators or welfare workers. Therefore, GILC intends to work with such a vast number of people and assist them in developing certain skill sets most importantly Leadership skill which will help them accomplish wonders for the country.

The people working laboriously under the organization firmly believe that the youths and the youngsters need to accouter themselves with qualities that will help them in developing themselves and let them flourish with flying colors in their respective areas of interest. GILC also seconds that it is significant to culture the quality of Youth Leadership among the young minds.The organization gives its heart out in helping these young people, coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds to communicate effectively, solve complex real-world problems, build strong relationships and networks, think out of the box and be trustworthy. These skills will go a long way to nurture future leaders from among st the people belonging to the age class from 10 to 30. GILC also arranges workshops, seminars, competitions in order to capture the brightest of idea-generators and think tanks to improve Youth Leadership and other skills.


  • Empowering youth with effective skills
  • Engaging them into the global network
  • Increasing the rate of their productivity through the various exchange or leadership programs
  • Addressing real-world complex problems and aiming to mitigate them by accoutering the youth and youngsters with leadership skills and help them to develop expertise in their respective areas of interest


  • Understanding the current hot issues and hindrances through intensive and rigorous research
  • Coming up with fruitful alternatives and solutions to problems which bug or obstruct the furtherance and emancipation of the country
  • Targeting the youths and young glimmering minds and inspire them to utilize their ideas and plans for the greater good
  • Help the youths and youngsters develop leadership skills
  • Organize talent hunt programs, Competitions, workshops, sessions on topics in demand to sort out the brilliance and to render the young generation with a scope of self-development

Our workaholic team

This is the team that works tirelessly in front and behind scenes; these people are the aura and the instrumentals behind the success!

Youth Team | GILC
Leadership | Executive Director | GILC

Atia Naz


Leadership | Executive Director HR | GILC

Samio Ahmed

Director (HR & Finance)

Leadership | Executive Director IS&M | GILC

Saffat Ahmed Bhuiyan

Director (Information Systems & Marketing)

Leadership | Researcher & Development Officer | GILC

Shouvik Rahman

Director (R&D)

Leadership | Creative Officer | GILC

Samia Sabrina Nabi

Director (Creativity & Design)

Our programs & events

the programs & events we design and develop from scratch are always time-responsive

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International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) 2.0

Category: Indoor
Event Date: Sept. 01, 2020
Take your English & Leadership skills to a whole new level!


webeloper 1.0

Category: Indoor
Event Date: March 6 & 13, 2020

Learn the basics of how to develop websites with WordPress and dive into the world of freelancing and become self reliant!


research prodigy

Category: Indoor
Central Event Date: TBD

Are you someone who find a close connection with doing research and want to learn more about research and official papers?



Category: Outdoor
Central Event Date: TBD

An Innovative Initiative to explore & acknowedge the talents of Young Architects

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GILC inspires content writers and gives them platforms to share their perspectives to the world!

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